I Am A Daughter

For anyone in the world, especially South Asia and South Asian origins, we know this to be true. But this is also true to anyone in the West. Think of slut-shaming as a male centred economy, of girls be sent home not to distract males, of females being looked upon as inferior, as females being looked upon as suspect to getting pregnant, keeping girls chaste and not brazen, modest and in so killing their sexualities and putting them up for domesticated auction, told to be less ambitious, told to be less emotional and if logical a “cold bitch” by nature, innate talents culled for who wants to marry a talented women. I have just listed some atrocities against women. I should have included female infanticide, foeticide, genital mutilation and all of that. Ther are many involved. We have made an economy where women of all types are second class and even to get value one has to be “masculine”, “tomboyish” one season and “femme fatale” and feminine the next. Males usually have more stable identities if not stable lives. Why did we create this culture of rape and devaluement espaces me.

Chronicles of Imperfectly Perfect

I am a daughter ,

Of an uneducated woman, who taught her,

Of people with ambitions,

About societies limitations.

I am a daughter,

Made out of the pride of her father, who taught her,

To live with her head held high,

No matter what anyone implied.

I am a daughter,

Born out of love and misery that taught her,

You may have to fight for your right,

Defending honor like a knight.

I am your daughter,

And I am not your son,

I may be special,

but still not the special one.

I am a daughter,

For the sake of love, don’t become my dictator,

I don’t want to be your son,

Only a child with a fair chance, just like anyone.

I am a daughter,

May be naive and emotional but stronger,

I set out to try to make you proud,

Believe in me and let my success speak…

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