psuedo buddhism

Efadul talks very importantly and eloquently the problems when one encounters “fake Buddhism” or rather commodified Buddhism that appeals to thid elusive and illusive “present” with a demand on it as though the present is not layered, not unified and segregrated accordingly, but just one static moment in something that is meant to be “enjoyed”in a crude and blatant sense. Efad really does emphasis here a problem with modernity and modernness in Today’s world.

Etches of Ink and Light

On a regular basis, I filter out a number of messages that come from all directions—emails, comments, friendly suggestions—in the name of buddhism. In this filtering process, I ask myself: what is the difference between fake buddhism and buddhism? After all, buddhist philosophic texts have been crucial in my formation.

An easy test to identify fake buddhism is when the demand is made to ‘live in the present’ as if the present is a bounded, discreet reality. The goal of this mantra is to suppress the present into a neat little box in which one can sit and ‘enjoy’ the ‘present’.

The buddhist view is precisely the opposite. To live in the present is to leap into the present as a zone where multiple pasts and futures are entangled. To experience this entanglement is to experience the timelessness, eternity, overlaying of many times into one moment. No one can do…

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