Another Time, Perhaps

Beautiful poem. Beautiful is just the start of it. It’s such an intelligent poem. It speaks on so many registers. It has nature, natural elements, alternative and alternate lifestyles, aesthetics of love figured on food and intimacies: clean eating and clean loving. I read the poem a second time. It’s beauty captivated me and taught me things. You are an incredible writer Tosha. Not to mention ingenious in how you write. Not to mention the picture really stuns me. I love pictures like that. With nature and industrial architecture in harmony; respectful of each other.

Everything I Never Told You


I grasp for infinity
while trying to coax
the pins and needles
from my head.

I long to sleep
and wake up in a new land
where I can ease
into a less chaotic life,
slip into serenity
and under your sleeve.

No ill intent in my trespass
but I do have a plan.

We’ll take over the moon
and force the clock
to surrender.

We’ll live forever on
a daydream and pixie dust.

Dine each night on
wild berries and sunflower seeds.

You there in the leather jacket.
I’m not boastful.
I take no credit for our meal.

I just ask that you consider me
man of wasp and honey,
maze and train whistle.

Feel the softness
under your coat.

Take it off
and let me in.

-Tosha Michelle

Lisdont-know-whyKnow Why by Tosha Michelle 2020 #np on #SoundCloud


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