Skillfully brilliant poem by Tosha. Love everything about it. It hinges on all the pins and needles of our daily lives. It makes sense and means the best. It’s depiction of sadness is very beautifully done. But also the stamina and endurance of someone who can live with a bastard

Everything I Never Told You


The words you speak
discount my pain.
How your verbs like to
punch and scream.
There’s never any lapse
in your open mic night of the insane.
Your tone sets the mood of us.
A tainted midnight summer’s
nightmare. The nervy syntax
of careless “oh wells”.
Yet our façade of happiness
refuses to be gutted.
We whore out delusions and dine on the revenue
of lack and long lost luster.
The gods of irony mock our names.
I dress my knife wounds up in lace and garters.
Pop a placebo and call it real.

-Tosha Michelle

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