God’s Burden

A very pithy and intelligent way of understanding judgment and forgiveness. There is some judgment in anything. But forgiveness comes from an analytical debate that includes some judgment. So having judgment is not the same as being judgmental and this distinction is something very well presented by Eric Alagan.

Written Words Never Die

God's Burden

“But, Papa, should we not forgive him?”

“No, my Son, we don’t forgive.”

“But why, Papa?”

“Judgement comes before forgiveness.”

“I don’t understand, Papa.”

“To forgive is to judge.”

From Eric:

What do you think, folks? This is something that I have mulled over for years – and remain challenged.

When/if you respond, please do not quote Scripture or some dead guy. 

I would like to hear your voice, your words.

Thank you.

************ Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2016 ************

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