Neko Atsume

I have been playing this game for almost a year now and I really love it! It’s actually requires some smarts as each cat is different and each situation yields different results. I even consulted a walkthrough after playing it for more than 6 months to learn more on what I can do to acquire more cats. It’s a good, fun game to play. Not to mention cute animations and all that!

The Anny Blog

Do you love cats? Do you just love watching them sleep or play? Is your life-long dream to collect them? Dream no further, as this can be reality today! And better yet, it’s safe for everyone!*Screenshot_2016-01-01-20-53-53*Those allergic to cute might experience shortness of breath, moments of rage, rash or severe headaches. The writer of this post is not responsible for any harm cutesy have done to someone playing this game after reading this post.

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