His Disturbed View Of The American Dream

This really is a very realistic view of a particular type of man. This is another way of looking at the different “American Psycho” this is “American Levite” of sorts.

Captain Q


His disturbed view of the American dream
Maybe he went & got tattooed one too many times
The coffee & cigarettes unfold to clear his path
Envisioned between the wondrous filth & grime
Dredged details with twists & turns of another
Hazed morning blurs direction to the local Starbucks
Elegant patrons stepping out from higher society
Rubbing shoulders with commons down on their luck
Stilettos clacking upon the tile with another escape
Former dive bar angels way past their prime
Stalking & eavesdropping into a life he’ll never know
Maybe he went to that well one too many times

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It’s A Nondescript Alcove

Captain Q deliciously values his soul and the souls of others 😉 Not to mention he deftly points out both the contradictions and beauties of being published but also possessing a “secret alcove” where you can be terrible and feel gratified at knowing you won’t be judged. You need spaces like that too.

Captain Q


It’s a nondescript alcove
A humble place I can journal my deepest thoughts
I can write of my secret crushes & fond lovers
Decrypting moods of soul’s who cannot be bought
I’ll scribble away without any pressure to perform
These jottings belong to me; they’re only mine
Tomes dedicated to the craft of confession
A postscript punctuated with a toast of red wine

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The richest inheritance

This is so true. So true. So true.



If your parents didn’t love and understand each other, how are we to know what love looks like?

There aren’t courses or classes in love.

If the grown-ups know how to take care of each other, then the children who grow up in this environment will naturally know how to love, understand, and bring happiness to others.

The most precious inheritance that parents can give their children is their own happiness.

Our parents may be able to leave us money, houses, and land, but they may not be happy people.

If we have happy parents, we have received the richest inheritance of all.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Day 33 of the 35 Days of Love

Featured photographer: Nipon Boonkhian

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I’m Not Christian Grey

an anthem one can sing 🙂

Captain Q


I’m not Christian Grey
I don’t have money to burn
Women shouldn’t be bought
A point I easily discern
I don’t care how you live
But quit preaching of your escapades
I will never judge or condemn, but
I’m exhausted by your 50 shades
I don’t want the cameras rolling
Don’t need you to be impressed
For eternal happiness, I’ll bet
That vanilla sex might actually be best

*Author’s note: Just a little fun here. I’m not disparaging anyone’s lifestyle. I’m just trying to have some fun. I don’t care how you get laid, I just hope you do! 💋💚

**PS: If this offends you, perhaps you need a good spanking for taking yourself too seriously! 😉

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