Month: July 2016

It’s Okay, I Love You | EJ KOH

via It’s Okay, I Love You | EJ KOH And I Love E J Koh. I am so happy she is back. <HUGS>

Along the Edge — Trailer – YouTube

  I actually played this game and well I am not completely writing a review as of yet. But here’s some basic stuff. This is STILL SPOILER HEAVY. In this interactive novel and game you can have like 4 types of changes to the…

Bungou Stray Dogs Review

Originally posted on The Pantless Anime Blogger:
This is review number three hundred and seventy three. This anime is part of the Spring 2016 lineup. The anime I’ll be reviewing is called Bungou Stray Dogs. It’s a twelve episode anime about hot dudes doing…

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