Month: September 2016

zig-zaggy free

it is hard not being able to write original stories the sequences seem easy and the plotholes seemingly vanquished after plot-drafts and character equations; yet the anima or animus of it all a description, a synopsis or synopses evade me or to sound witty…


this import of aggression that ennui had made worsted and winnowed into a fine parable that only I can share; I who hold the bones and the crosshairs of my skeletal affixations this tire which is smoothened and crinkled by the night whose gaze…

Wind kept

Originally posted on Everything I Never Told You:
I am not she. The view is not the same I sit by roses but don’t see the thorns Even after all these years still full of the blush of wonder My air is warm-fragrant My…

solace temporary; torture temporary

bits and pieces of raggedy bone that is the slimming of my patience reading other poets online to be inspired as I am exasperated, weight gain and the logic of dieting it infuriates me; not due to non-participation, I need exercise yet a lush-and…

a sort of dream imagery practice

edging out into convoluting fragments; eclipsing dust settles the dream is a random wolf searching for its pack it’s collection of fur; it slaughters nightmare wendigos in this dream sitting in haunches looking at rabbits and deers that make the mosaic of the palette hungering…

A Few Quick Thoughts About Triggers That Trigger

Originally posted on The Belle Jar:
One thing that doesn’t seem to get a lot of discussion is what happens and what we can do when two equal and opposing triggers meet. We tend to often talk about a lot of triggers as if…


coupled with only my letters vassaled and vesseled it into my veins like a form of oxygen crystalised into flesh a wordsmith always forged iron until the forge no longer was science.▬

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