Nandi Vishala and Microaggression

A GREAT POST. I mean it answers and actually frames what I also think about. Yet, Efad asks vital questions later on that made me think as well.

Etches of Ink and Light

The Jatakas are stories about the previous lives of Buddha. But some of these stories could as well be re-read in our current sociopolitical context as sophisticated social criticism. For instance, Nandi Vishala, in one story, is a calf which belongs to a Brahmin. The Brahmin hears about a cart-drawing competition and bets on Nandi Vishala’s strength to pull a hundred carts. As Nandi struggles to pull the carts, the Brahmin verbally abuses Nandi. He calls Nandi a “rascal.” At this point, Nandi stops complying and the Brahmin loses the competition. In fact, he loses his entire life’s savings in this bet. Empathizing with the Brahmin’s sadness, Nandi approaches him and confesses that she didn’t like being called a “rascal” and that only if the Brahmin stops abusing her verbally then she will win the cart-drawing bet next time. The story ends happily. They go back to the cart-drawing bet…

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