Wind kept

A poem of self

Everything I Never Told You

I am not she.
The view is not the same
I sit by roses but don’t
see the thorns
Even after all these years
still full of the blush
of wonder

My air is warm-fragrant
My heart speaks of
watercolor nights and
a breathless yearning

I’m wild for you but not
afflicted. I recite charms
through verse and song
by a bending light

I speak in sunlight even
when the cumuli
starts to gather. Lying
face down in the grass.
Hope imprinted on my cheek,

My heart bkeeds in syntax.
Just a gleaming of my
streaming soul. Writing what
touches me best.
Love. Fear. Happenstance.
A trembling mind.

The punctuation peppered
with sea salt and caramel.

I steadfastly sit by the ocean
as the boats drift away.
I chose to contend with the
wind. Making a symphony
with the air.

Chopin playing on against
the elements and tide.
Never just…

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