Month: November 2016

Of Good Women and Girls

Originally posted on Of Opinions:
Charlotte Bronte If men could see us as we really are, they would be a little amazed; but the cleverest, the acutest men are often under an illusion about women: they do not read them in a true light:…

Shonda said Write.

Originally posted on BGRTR:
For too long I’ve revelled in my ability to write. I seem like I can. Speak like I can. Am educated to a level that implies that I can. In my head, I am weaving stories that amuse, shock and…


Originally posted on Everything I Never Told You:
 My life is a Morse code of scars and happenstance. Do you want to know me? I’ll sing you my blue notes. Let you lick salt and sugar in equal measure from my skin. Give…

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