Footnotes for the day:

Etches of Ink and Light

  1. A flyer titled “The Power of Mentorship” quotes an undocumented resident: “I would have killed to know someone like me when I was 18.” Looking past the “killing” as merely a figure of speech, the quote drives home the point that sometimes the lack of relations in one’s life can be the setting in which one is primed to destroy the relations one already has. The logic goes as: because you don’t know someone like you, you might be ready to kill someone you know or barely know.
  2. When looking into the human rights abuses of women outside global north, we have to look into the role that state apparatus and economic rights play in the violence towards women. That understanding of respective states has to be then contextualized in a regional scale that takes into account the role of inequalities between nation states and the ways in which hegemonic military-political…

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