Month: February 2017

Amrita: In Defence of Her Hair

Originally posted on Of Opinions:
Amrita, and her Hair Her parents deemed her of ambrosial* quality. Black wires grow on her head+ For which their is little accountability. Her pater is to blame for its heredity. His sister, her aunt, for its similarity. Please…

It’s all about progress (continued)

Originally posted on Cristian Mihai:
We must view with profound respect the infinite capacity of the human mind to resist the inroads of useful knowledge. –?Thomas B. Lounsbury I spent eight years of my life writing and reading without: Earning money Other people reading…

rolling on

the tenacity of my mouth even when the realm of speech can only bring silence as conversation is the promise of a dew; talking is not cheap it is cheapened but the decidedly virtuous or the virtuoso of teeth; mouthing and mumbling what was…

holding on in a cardboard edge

There is something about the popular deadly in its violence of conformity; of implicit “yes” and a nod of “no” I can hear reason bubbling in a soup; atomised to perfection, simmered down still a reason, reasonable enough to hold a candle. Burn it…

a female’s tale

I suppose I will be understood — when I die? that death be my proof seems such a simple thing a cliche, a blinding light which has no priority: no proprioception. I am not going to die, soon, if I am going to die…

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