rolling on

the tenacity of my mouth
even when the realm of speech
can only bring silence as conversation
is the promise of a dew; talking is not cheap
it is cheapened but the decidedly virtuous
or the virtuoso of teeth; mouthing and mumbling
what was never in their vein and even their taste buds
couldn’t have known: the beauty of the lie and luck
is that they can be adjacent in their use of ether
after all we give a saliva in a spit — saliva in a kiss
yet ether is never galvanised by falseness
like saliva can never be a lifeline
lost in the nothing
I kissed you with my mouth closed
my saliva and yours was a coded language
without truth and only temerity
I could not calligraphise with my tongue
neither can you; it is when you are vulnerable the ink
of tongue can flow. We kiss open mouthed. You undressing
your fears and me unclothed from my own. ▬

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