The fact that Brother;’s Conflict made a queer section in which Ema Asahina is a guy and has a fling with Yusuke makes me just go 😀 It was actually pretty nice and made sense.

Love-colored Sky

It’s been a while since the first season of Brothers Conflict ended. They have released three more books since then, and I’m going to start with the official doujinshi—BRCN DOUBT. Official because this came from the staff themselves.

BRCN DOUBT is an official doujinshi made by the creators of Brothers Conflict. This book contains things you’d never see in the main story, including trailing over the “dangerous” line and genderbending. It was only sold at Dengeki’s 20th Anniversary Festival and Dengekiya, which makes it hard to obtain outside of auction sites. BRCN DOUBT contains three chapters. One is for Ema, one for Azusa and one for Fuuto.

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