palm of a blue giant

a blue giant branched out in my palm
feeling me the force of love
pulsating in the corners of my smile
universalising my cure to frailty

each page then resounded a letter
that was me in the finest form
filled with peccadilloes but also purities
and the horse did not come to bring apocalypse
of a degeneration but a prince who was I
fighting with my sword and scimitar

an oasis branched out in my iris
a solar system of planets and stars
in the constellations of my all my deeds done
and all deeds to come
finding that I was bracketed as the moon
with the definition of suns

I glow because my luminosity
is the only one who I can proudly state was me.—

2 thoughts on “palm of a blue giant

  1. Some really good writing! I didn’t even get the chance to read them all, you’ve been quite busy, I’ll have to stop back. Really great stuff, I enjoyed reading you. Have a nice day and be well 🙂

    • I think only you, as a reader online, would take the time to actually like all the poems and read them and give such a nice comment. As a writer I can only say Thank You. It means a lot that you liked what I wrote and found value in it. You also have a nice day and evening Mvitrano =)

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