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getting comfortable in things not spoken or a) rambling on about current feelings b) trying to incorporate something ontologically philosophical in them

it is strange what you may feel; you are intimate with the non-intimate passive-aggression, I guess this is how bullied will always feel like — that you feel for something that may not matter in the long run; you feel abused because it is…

survival via paragraphs.—

How I feel, is not necessarily connected to what I would prefer to think How I operate, is not necessarily my personality; I am clueless, a writer’s block in motion “cock-cunt” blocking my potentials that I did not know — do not know, how…

confession (i)

I didn’t know that studying abroad would be a lonely experience. I am just into the experience so I am not sure how the entire experience will be; yet. And I notice people have more boundaries than me. There are a lot of cool…

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