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Abbu, my Father, passing away.▬

Yes.  That is the reality I am made to  accept.  Yes. The reality is my father passed away. Abbu/Abba — the words in my language for “Father” — has passed away on the 24th  of February, 2015. Then a  friend in way of conversation…

No Apology | Mehreen Kasana

This was such a great article I decided to  quote some of its intense yet true parts. I truly thank Mehreen Kasana from my soul to do this as a person for both equality and a social voice for those people who cannot do…

EID MUBARAK — Eid-Ul-Azha Allah Almighty Bless All Who Did Hajj

  Allah Almighty Bless All Those Who Did Hajj And Eid Mubarak to everyone! I had a fever so this was the first Eid where I slept all day uptil 5pm 😛 ^_^ But Let’s rejoice My Muslim Brothers And Sisters ^_^ Sisters And…

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