chasm diegesis

there was a chasm of loneliness
and it bore my name
and I decided to fill it with tears
hoping to reach the surface

only sorrow did not quench that thirst
and my tears had to be hope bound
for what is sorrow if not a testament
to hope? We will meet unfairness and injustice
that is how human systems work
but the meta of you was designed not
to follow that rule. Believe in God or believe in greater dimensions
that supersede what holds the matter and makes you closer
to the holy

I managed to make my chasm a ocean
I made it into something fertile
for only I lived this life
and I know it held meaning
slings and bows now serve my soldiers.—

trolling & pride: courtesy of web

and I never known what humans amounted to be when they mount
childish pride on the walls blurting out hallucinogens and hologrammatic
syntaxes and statements that state nothing — are people, so adept in
their adaptables their nuances of net space that they troll and envelop
capsules of hate so intractably insecurely and fidget in their dandelion garden
of disrespect and discontent and they eschew all empathy as though it was a
chewed nub of a cigar or some fetishistic tit of some great poisonous pus
that they drank that soot and death and though this is to live with confidence?

are they no callouses in their veins, no clot in their eyes, no sabotage in their arteries
oh why?! oh why?! was I an “I” to be put into these vestibules of downright diplomatic
car wash with bikini clad words no ample screw but the crew mounted the glass with
their foggy discharges and sperms and entered oil into their gullets and pained their
orifices to swallow some crap that was the new fix and I did dis and go for the disinfect
and felt like one of the only few that could fathom that lifespan in a sanitary place but
not scrubbed of life was I that when I felt the bacteria gnawing tenderly I feared they
would die in this dreg and plague of human antipathy so I decided to carry these little ones
with my feelings

which was scratched and clawed several times over with the pus trying to hang on as we both stared that frigid rigor mortis stare.▬